Women's Bible Study Series

Join us, as we begin a new Kerygma study, "into the world", The Acts of the Apostles, April 24. "Acts is Luke's extended description of the nature and purpose of the Christian church in all times and among all people."

The group meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, 6:30 pm for dinner and study to follow at 7pm. Meeting dates are May 8 and May 22. Please call the church office, 584-5822 if you have additional questions. Cost of the study book is $20.00.


Adult Sunday School Classes--10 am Sunday Morning

Two Adult classes are offered:

So often we are presented with a world that pushes us to think in terms of what we should or should not do., like a grown up Santa Claus, giving us a good and bad list that we need to check off as we go. Jesus, and indeed, much of the Bible presents to us stories of people living lives that rarely fit in a spectrum of good or bad. Instead, these stories and writings in the scriptures quite often paint pictures of characteristics and personalities, nations not simply on their own but in contexts that make them stand out: virtues. Tim Gray and others will lead the class in a six-week series called Virtues, beginning April 23. The class meets in the Youth room/"other side" of Kitchen/next to Choir room.

The second Adult class meets in the Conference Room. September Olson and Josef Ozer will facilitate a new series, A Present Word, from PC(USA).

Please call the church office, 584-5822 for any additional questions




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