Flower Dedication

Sanctuary Flowers

The poinsettias that beautify our place of worship on December 24th are given to the Glory of God and and in memory of: Maureen Lee Ortiz by Maureen Keton; Frank Keton by Maureen Keton; Margaret Wray Keton by Maureen Keton; Rebecca Wilson by Estela Miller; Roy, Esther, and Greg Bevers by Jinny Bybee; Otis and Lorraine Jenkins, Shirley Nash, Gary Forbach by Jinny Bybee; Charles (Buddy) Forbes by Jinny Bybee; Guillermo Munoz by Nati Munoz, Aubrey Steward, Avery Steward; our parents who have passed by Eva Mata; Sue Ann Talbot by Ruth Daniels; Rosemary Hathaway & Floyd Hathaway by Steve & Margaret Haddad; Tony & Joy Haddad by Steve & Margaret Haddad; Mary & Becca Haddad-Wilson by Steve & Margaret Haddad; Sandy Kelley by Steve & Margaret Haddad; Frank Keton by Steve & Margaret Haddad; Beamy & Mimi Beamesderfer by Tim Wieland; Evelyn Smith and Dann Wieland by Tim Wieland; Carolyn Perry by Randy & Marilyn Smith

and in honor of: Gayle Boggs with gratitude and appreciation from UPC; the Keton, Whelton, and Hone families by Maureen Keton; our mom Hilda by Eva Mata; Becky by John Nelsen; to the Glory of God by Eddie & Lucretia Chew